Holmium Laser Enucleation of The Prostate (HoLEP)


This operation is an an alternative to TURP (Trans-Urethral Resection of the Prostate). With this opearation the prostate is approached using a telescope passed down the water pipe and then the enlarged lobes of the prostate that are obstructing the water pipe are shelled out using a laser and dropped into the bladder. The detached lobes of the prostate are then morcellated within the bladder and sucked out.


  • Minimal bleeding as the laser seals blood vessels as they are cut.
  • Avoidance of fluid irrigation problems as physiological saline is used as irrigant
  • Any size of prostate can be accommodated
  • No need for catheter irrigation post operatively
  • 1 night hospital stay
  • Removal of catheter after 1 night.
  • Maximal amount of prostate tissue removed as dissect in tissue plane
  • Tissue available for histology